AKB48 33rd Single “Heart Ereki”, First Week Sales.

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AKB48 33rd Single “Heart Ereki”, which was released on October 30th. Sold 1,203,586 copies in it’s first week of released to ranked number one, on the weekly oricon singles chart. I really love this single, for me it’s their best single since “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”, I would rank this in the top 2 or 3. Favorite AKB48 single. So many reasons for to me to like this single Haruna Kojima is center, Lovetan is a senbatsu member. Miichan is back to being a regular senbatsu, and also Ricchan and Annin are I think Mariko Shinoda and Tomochin replacement.

This single was release in 9 versions, Including The theater Edition.


Oricon Top 10 Singles, Week 45, November 11, 2013.

Rank/Single/Artist/Release Date/Sales.

1. Heart Ereki – AKB48 (10/30/2013) (1,203,586).

* AKB48 20th number one single.

Type A Cover.

Video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=um-sTpMwfLc .

2. Fuyu Monogatari – Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe…

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~REVENGE~ {MaYuki}





Watanabe Mayu- A good looking 17  year old  boy who have a big dream to become a doctor but due to financial problem, he stop studying and decided to work to Mr. Kagomaru company.

Kashiwagi Yuki- A very beautiful girl with a princess aura. She is 21 years old and will be next  CEO of her grandfather’s company. Her best friend (s) are Rena, Mayu and Sae. She’s very inlove with Mayu but  it her feelings fade away like a wind since that incident happen to Mayu.

Time: Present

Mayu POV
It’s been a month, I and Yuki broke up since that damn incident. I don’t know if I should be glad or not, to be mad or not, to be sad or not.  I don’t know what to feel.  
It’s been a week, I and my best friend, Rena didn’t talk or should I say, I am the one who avoided her. It’s just that. I don’t want her to trouble herself about my personal problem. I am just contented with her presence and serene smile.
It’s been a long day for me when I am in this isolated room in my house that full of memories of My Yukirin. Pictures, Drawings, Videos and even the chocolate wrappers that she ate is in the desk with a colourful sticky notes. I smiled bitterly as I lay my tired in my bed again to sleep to forget those sweet memories and  hell memories.
If  fate will lead  me to those 3 people who get my pride and dignity, I swear to God, I will kill them with my own hands. They will witness the devil inside me that no one knows other than me and Yuki’s grandfather.

“Look…My favourite and only one heiress of Kashiwagi Electronics Group of Companies, this is the company that you will inherit from me  once I resigned as the CEO and when the times you will grow up and can handle all of this” Mr. Kagomaru Kashiwagi said to her granddaughter while they are touring around the company while Yuki only nod with a cute happy face making her grandfather chuckle.
“Yes grandfather! I will  be a grown up girl that can lead this company of  yours!” Yuki said  cheerfully. “Ah! I forgot to tell you that there is someone I want you to meet and I am  very sure that you will have a great friendship” Mr. Kagomaru says. “Really? But Papa doesn’t allowed me to be friends  with somebody that he didn’t know. Only Rena is allowed to be friends with me because Rena’s father is one of the associate of our company” Yuki said with a sad voice. “Don’t worry, Yuki. I will talked to your father about that but first we should meet them, okay?”. “Okay” Yuki said and they start walking to the veranda of the company.

I, My Best Friend And Baby X Part I


I, My Best Friend And Baby X Part I


Cafe Romance

Rena’s  POV

Since we enter this cafe restaurant, the two are glaring each other that if eyes could kill the two probably dead by now. I let out a sigh and the two are staring at me.

“Are you alright Rena-chan?” Airin asked me in a concern manner

“Tsk. It isn’t obvious that she’s not okay?” Jurina snapped

The two when back at glaring each other again. Suddenly, the waiter approach us

“Miss, What will be your order?” the handsome waiter asked me with a bright smile and I smiled back and I saw the two are distracted and glared at the handsome waiter

“Hmm…I want this cappuccino and a melon pan” I said with a happy face making the waiter blushed

“Uh-Uh okay and what will be the order of your friends?” the waiter is a bit stutter because of the fiercely gazed at him of Jurina and Airin

“I think, two chocolate cafe and two chocolate bun for this two IDIOTS” I gave them a Gekikara looked to give a response to the poor handsome waiter and the two nod awkwardly

“Okay” the waiter utter and leave us immediately

I take a deep breath as I say

“Stop the glaring contest will you?!” I snapped at them making them surprised

“What?! Can’t I snapped and yelled at the two of you?! You think I am that dumb and a very kind that I can’t fight back?!” I said with a gritted teeth

“U-Uh R-e-n-a-chan c-calm down” Jurina and Airi plead to me making me smile inside

“I will calm down but I want you two satisfy my needs” I said while cross my arms in my chest that leave me confused because the face of the two are very red like a chilli

“What’s wrong with you two?” I asked them while tilting my head

“R-Rena-chan wants to have a *e*?” Jurina and Airi utter in a very small voice but I can hear it clearly and properly making me explode in front of them

“W-WHAT DID YOU SAY?!!!!!!!!!!” I said in angry tone and my two hands contact with our table that I hear it cracked but I ignore it and making a very deadly stare at the two idiots in front of me and luckily we are the only customer’s inside this cafe that only staffs are looking at me and Jurina and Airi

I can’t take it anymore so I decide to drag this two but before I exit someone called me making me stop


“Oh!” the handsome waiter called me

“Here, take this, it is your order right?” the waiter said while smiling again at me

“Uh, how much is all of this?” I asked as I take our order in a brown bag

“No, it’s free, I mean, I pay it for you” the waiter said as he scratch his head

“Eh? Are you sure? It’s a bit expensive” I said to him

“No, it’s fine and you should go because your friend’s are glaring to me again” he said while looking at Jurina and Airi’s direction

“Thank You” I bowed to him and he also bowed at me and I run to the exit’s cafe

“Nice job! Sae-chan” Haruna and Yuki complement the handsome waiter while Mariko and Mayu only smiled evilly

“I didn’t think that it will be hard task for me because of the two guys she bring here” Sae said

“But I think you succeed to flirt with my sister-in-law” Mariko said making Sae’s eyes to be widen

“He’s your sister-in-law and Haruna’s little sister?” Sae said

“And she’s my best friend too” Yukirin said

“Oh no! All of my crushes are already taken?! What a waste!” Sae said in a sad tone making them laughed

“Kidding aside, why did you do it?” Sae asked

“For amusement?” Mariko and Mayu said

“For observing Rena’s suitor” Haruna and Yukirin said

“Ah! Okay”

“Thanks for helping us” the four bowed to Sae and remained stalking to Rena, Jurina and Airi at amusement park


Rena’s POV

“Amusement Park?” I asked Jurina who is looking at the banner with his cat smile in his handsome face that making me smile unconsciously

“Amusement park to satisfy Rena-chan’s need? What a kid’s thinking?” Airi mocked at Jurina. I blushed at what Airi said, I think I got a wrong term awhile ago in the cafe, I should say to them that they need to pamper me not to satisfy me. What a word?! I sighed on my owns fault

“At least, I put an effort to satisfy Rena-chan’s need unlike you” Jurina fired back and the two starts arguing in front of many people. I pinched their ears and drag them to the Ferris wheel

Inside the Ferris Wheel

“Will you two stop at saying the word “SATISFY” at me?! I scold at them and Oh! They are super cute with their expression.

“Okay Rena-chan, We will not say it again” Jurina and Airi said at the same time

“Good” I smiled at them and I looked at the window

“It’s beautiful” I said aloud

“Yeah, It is” Jurina answered me

“Just like the old times” Jurina added making me lower my gazed at the beautiful scenery, kindly enough, Airi teased Jurina again to disappear the awkward moment and the two starts bickering again in nth time of the day

A smile across my tantalizing lips because of my two childish suitors






I, My Best Friend And Baby IX



I, My Best Friend And Baby IX

Part IX

Shinoda’s Residence

Rena’s POV

“Haruna-neechan!” I called when I opened their door

“Rena-chan! Good Morning!” Mariko-kun greet and hug me which I also returned and he’s surprised when he hear me crying in his chest

“Nyaro, Rena-chan is crying!” I hear Mariko-kun called my sister

“What’s wrong Rena-chan?” My Haruna-neechan asked me

“I talked to Jurina yesterday and….”  I didn’t continue because I broke down into tears

“Did he hurt you?” Haruna-neechan asked me in a warm voice and I only shook my head

“I told that I didn’t l-love him anymore but you know it also hurt me when I saw his expression, it’s just he’s sincerely apologized to me but I don’t know if I am going to give him a chance again, I don’t know what to do..” I told and asked her while sobbing hardly in her embrace

“Just forgive him already for the sake of your son, Juri” Haruna said with a small smile

“No, play hard to get Rena-chan, Jurina must please you to the point that he will choose to give up or not” Mariko-kun says

“Your such a sadist, Mariko-kun” Haruna murmur

“That’s why I am called Sado back then and I also want my cousin to suffer” Mariko-kun’s laugh echo to the living room and the two girls only staring at him

“J-Jurina is  your cousin?” I asked my soon to be brother-in-law and he looked back at me

“Yes, Rena-chan” He said with a serious deadly face and voice

My eyes widen and my mouth form an “O” shape

“I never thought that you and Jurina are cousin, you have a different personality but the looks and charm that every girls are swoon at both of you, that’s the exactly you two have in common”

“Haha! Thank you Nyaro-chan for complementing us”

“Tsk. You’re so conceited!” Haruna whined

“Haha! Anyway, just do my advice Rena-chan, if he’s a real man and he is also sincere with you, he will do anything to win you back” as he said that he also leave us dumb founded

“There’s nothing will harm me if I will do what Mariko-kun said” I smiled evilly and let out a giggle which Haruna-neechan flinched slightly when she hear me

Watanabe High Class Hospital

“Good Morning Mariko-sama!” Yukirin playfully said to the handsome doctor

“What’s the face Mayuyu?” Dr. Mariko-kun says to irritate his younger handsome comrade

“Ignore him, Mariko-sama, For all  I know he’s just jealous because I have a crush on you before, Sado-san” Yukirin smirked

The two laughed while the younger doctor is annoyed suddenly they hear a familiar voice

“Mariko-kun!” Jurina said while running to towards them

“Oh! Jurina, Why are you here? Are you sick?”

“No, I am not, I want you to help me”

“Is that a command?”

“It depends”

“I don’t want to interfere with you and Rena-chan although we are cousin, that’s your consequence you need to face”

“Cousin?!” the doctor and nurse are shocked at the sudden revelation of their two friends

“Yes, we are cousin” Mariko flatly said

“We can’t believe that, I mean your personality is very opposite but you two have in common is to swoon a girl under your feet” Yukirin said in fact way

The two cousin laughed and interrupted by Jurina’s ringing phone

“Moshi! Moshi! Jurina speaking”

“Jurina let’s talk at Cafe Romance near at Shibuya’s train station” the other line said

“R-Rena chan? Okay! I will be there right now”

“Good. Just don’t be late”


“Who is the caller?” Mayuyu asked


“Really? I thought she is mad at you” Mariko said

“I think she forgive me, anyway I need to go! Bye Guys!” Jurina begin to run

“Is he will be fine Mariko-sama?”

“I hope so” Mariko shrugged and leave Mayu and Yukirin’s worried gazed at the back of Jurina. They didn’t know also  what to do in this situation.

Cafe Romance

Rena’s POV

“Rena-chan? Uhm, Is there someone we need to wait?” Airi hesitantly asked

“Actually, yes” I answer nervously

“I see”

“I’m sorry Airin, I know you set this day for our date but please, I need you to stay with me” I plead to him and I saw Jurina is running towards us

“Rena-chan!” Jurina smiled and waved at me but when he saw Airi, he’s expression change his smile fade away

He shot a deathly stare at Airi’s direction

“Hi Matsui-san, I am Furukawa Airi” Airi extend his hand to shake hands with Jurina

“Matsui Jurina, Juri’s dad and soon to be husband of Matsui Rena” I widen my eyes on Jurina’s statement and the place we are standing is a bit awkward for the three of us

“I think, we should go to the cafe” I break the silence. It will be the long day for me. The two glaring each other over me. I only sighed.



I, My Best Friend And Baby VII


I, My Best Friend and Baby VII

Part VII

The stage is full of crowd saying my name and cheered me

“Thank you for coming in my concert!” I slightly bowed and headed to the back stage where reporters are there.

“Matsui-san!” I hear one of the reporter says and the other also called my name

As I walked to the my car, the reporters blocked my way and their camera are flashing anywhere in my face

“Matsui-san, Your successful artist right now, is your life love life is successful as well? Is it true that you and Takayanagi-san will tie the knot this year?” One of the persistent asked me

“Please answer our question! Matsui-san!”

I grimaced at that thought of marrying Akane

“Gori-san, I mean Sayaka-san, Please take care of the reporters”

“I want to go to my car and sleep in my condominium”

“Okay, Matsui-san”

As I said it, she blocked all the reporters with her muscular body and I hurriedly ran to my latest Red Ferrari car.

Finally, I feel my body relax a bit when I sit in the couch of my condo. But my mind and heart didn’t relax a bit since that awful day of my life. My hand went to my face and closed my eyes and I saw an image of a long black haired girl carrying a baby and our eyes met by hers and all I see is hurt and hatred towards me. I felt my heart ache at that sight. I hurriedly open my eyes to meet a dark place. I didn’t turn the lights on because of laziness I felt from the concert I made. I  just spacing out a few minutes when my thoughts suddenly disturbed by ringing my phone.

*Ring *Ring *Ring

I only sighed when I saw who is  the persistent caller

“What’s your problem?”

“Hi Love! What’s wrong with your voice? Are you okay? Do you want me to come over in your condo to make you feel good?” she said in a seductive voice but I ignored that

“No, I am fine, just call me tomorrow morning, I just need to rest”

“Okay, I love you Jurina!”

I didn’t answer her but she still there so I decided to say

“I love you too Akane”

*Call Ended

I sighed again. What I am doing in my messed up life now?! Arghh! I hate it! I shout and I throw all the pretty vases with exotic flowers, expensive figurines and all the picture frames except the one I am holding right now. I and my best friend picture together with our son. Tears are flowing down to our happy picture and I immediately went to my elegant kitchen to grab a beer. It’s been an hour and I just looked at the picture and I drunk almost five beers. Yeah, I am a drinker now and I drunk every night after my work to feel numb because my heart always shattered when I remembered all the mistakes that I do in the past.

If I have a power to change the time, I will do the right thing but it’s just a dream that will never happened and I guess, I will suffer from the rest of my life. I didn’t know what time I sleep it’s just that my eyes closed and I went to dream land.

Watanabe High Class Hospital

“Wow! Your much taller than the last time I saw you!” Dr. Watanabe said while ruffles the black silk hair of his patient and the boy only giggled and went to his mother

“Thank you for praising my son, Watanabe-san!”

“It’s nothing, he’s perfectly fine and healthy and  strong like the person I know”

“Uhh, Yeah, Your right”

“How much is it?”

“You don’t need to pay” Dr. Watanbe said while smiling

“What? I insist to pay for it! I have now a  stable job!”

“I will not accept it”


“Look Rena-chan, all the things I and Yukirin gave to you is our will to help you and your son, Juri. You don’t need to feel guilty, we also love your son and care for you because we are friends”

“Thank you Mayuyu” Rena cried

“What the hell are you crying Rena-chan? Is Mayu grope you?!” Yukirin rushed towards Rena and she fiercely glared at Mayu who is now trembling

“I d-didn’t do anything bad to R-e-n-a-c-h-a-n” he said while her hands shaking

*Giggle *Giggle

“What’s now Rena? Why your giggling?” Yukirin asked

“It’s just that the two of you are funny like in the past although your married now” Rena said between  her giggling

The two only blushed

“You’re so cute!” Rena squealed making the two nervous at Rena’s behaviour

“Mom! Look! Jurina-sama is singing! He’s really talented and he also have a lots of fans and females suitors!”

The three froze at their position and walked to Juri’s place and watching also the live concert last night of Matsui Jurina.




Matsui House

Jurina POV

“What the hell is that news?!” My dad shouted to me when I opened the door of our hell house

“H-Honey, just calmed down” My mom said to my dad

“It’s nothing” I said as I walked to my old room

“Jurina! Don’t turned your back at me!”

“What dad?!” I snapped


“J-Jurina!” my Mom shouted and she hold dad’s arm to prevent him to walked towards me

“Your  such a disappoint in this family!”

When I heard it, that awful word, I feel my whole body trembling and I closed my fists tightly as hard as I can so I will not harm anyone. I just stand and walked to my room when he said

“I don’t know what I am going to do to you, I just help you to leave that responsibility your whore best friend do to you”

That insult I hear he says to my Rena, I punched him hard right in his face

You can say bad things to me but definitely not in my best friend and she’s   not a whore! I regret that I follow you what you said to me! I should face the consequence on my own and take responsibility of it!

“What are you saying?! You should be happy  right now! Your now famous and you have Akane whom have a big company!”

Damn that Dad! I don’t  need fame or money of Takayanagi! After I left Rena! My whole life is a messed after that day! I realize that I love her when she left me including our son! Who’s fault is that?! I also disappoint at you dad! I don’t need your money and I also don’t need fame if my family is broken! I said while I am now crying also my parents crying with me,

“I am sorry, son, I thought you don’t love Rena, I also regret it every time I saw you spacing out and your smile didn’t reach your eyes when you’re singing in the stage. I hope you will find happiness”

I can’t find it dad, I lost hope a long time ago after she left me

“Trust me Son even for the last time, you will get your happiness”

“I hope so, dad” I said it between my sobs


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Part IV

After the class, Mayu went to market near at Jurina’s house

Mayu POV

I’ve been stalking her for almost a month and yet I can’t talk to her?  What the–! I scratch my head and people looking at  me and thinking that I am weird.

I only sigh

Usually, she’s out at exactly 8:00 PM. I am waiting for her for almost 2 hours! But I think it’s worth to wait for her and I didn’t know that I fall asleep in the ground

Yuki POV

What’s been doing here again?!

He is always there but he didn’t talk to me, What’s his problem?!

 Although, he looks cute. Ah! What I am thinking?! I think he’s a rapist! But the looks of him, definitely, he is not a rapist, maybe he’s only a stalker?


I glanced at the wall clock, it’s time to end my shift. After I say goodbye to the old lady who is good enough to accept me in her market although I only finished high school degree.

When I exit to the market, I feel so cold, Luckily, I bring a jacket.

In my corner of my eye, I saw a little mouse?

I kick him in his leg, and he’s  making a growl

“What the—“ When she saw me, his eyes widen and this sight making him look very cute



“What’s your problem? I always saw you here in the market, are you thief?”

“T-thief? Yes-No! I am not a thief!!!”

“If you say so” I shrugged and walked away

‘W-Wait, Uhm… May I know your name?”

“What for?”

“I want you to be my friend!”


“I don’t need any friends” I walked away ignoring his cute voice and disappear when I walked to a dark alley

Mayu POV

Although it is whisper, I clearly hear what she said, What’s wrong with her?

I run towards her but to my surprised, she disappear in this dark alley

Where did she go?

Next time, I will know your name

Mayu POV

Weeks had passed, he gained information about the girl who have a long silky black hair, a white pale skin and a big round of eyes. She’s really beautiful and I want to know her more, erase the coldness in his eyes and make it warmer. I hope I can do it  in my own.

“You Again? What are you doing here?” She asked me with an irritated tone

“Me again? This is my first time to buy in this market, Ms. Kashiwagi” I said it with a seductive tone and she widen her eyes

“H-How did you know my name?!” She glared at me

“I have my sources of my own”

“Y-You little brat!” She hissed

“Watch your word Ms. Kashiwagi, you don’t know me to  say those words” I said with a dark loud voice and leave the dumb founded cashier

“What’s wrong with him?”

One cold night, she is walking home and she needs to past the dark alley to go in his apartment but a bunch of guys blocked her way.

“Oh! A pretty sexy girl!”

“I told you Boss, I saw her every night that she needs to pass this alley to her home”

“Baby, Let’s play”

“I have  no time, Let me pass this alley if you want to live your life to the fullest!”

“Are you Fight—“ I cut him off by punching his ugly face, I kick but one guy hold my rosary and pull it, that’s my weakness and I received a punched and I fell on the ground”

“You will pay for this!” He rip my clothes but someone slam his head  in the wall, blood spattered and I saw a little mouse make a move in the bunch of guys and knocked it out in a seconds

“Your strong but in this situation, you need someone to protect you and that’s only me” he held his hand over me, at first I hesitate but when he smile, all the negative thoughts erased and it replace a warm sensation

“I will walked you home and take this jacket” He said while his blushing slightly

“T-Thank you” I stuttered and he only smiled

I told Rena about it and she said that his full name is Watanabe Mayu, a son of a wealthy business man and his family run a big store in Tokyo. She said that Mayu and Jurina is a good friend with each other and I am dumb founded on his best friend Jurina, I don’t like Jurina’s attitude for being a playboy but Rena insisted that Jurina is a good person despite of his bad attitude.

He always pestering me all day in my shift and the owner of the market seems fond of him. Until one day, I met my EX best friend, Ex-boyfriend. He seems very confident and not too mention very bossy. His name is Miyazawa Sae

“What are you doing here?”

“What else? To make up it again to you, I am so sorry Yuki but I really love you! I also want to  see my child, Can I?”

“There’s no us, Sae and the baby? He’s already dead!” I shout frustrated and he’s now surprised

“H-How could you abort our baby?!! You’re a cruel mother!”

“You didn’t know what really happened! And don’t blamed me for his death because I don’t also want it to happened!”

‘you just making an excuse!” He will slapped when a small strong hand prevent him

“Don’t dare slapped Yukirin’s beautiful face, You bastard!” He punched Sae which the later fell on the ground

It’s been a minute which Sae ended on the hospital and Mayu is also have injury on his handsome face which I cure. My manager is a witness to Sae’s appearance which she told the police that Sae is the one who started all that also her customer leave because of him

After that day, I truth Mayu all the things about me, why I ended to be cold to others. My son died in my womb because of the depression, stress and not full sustain my body’s need. I cried hard and he didn’t blamed but he assure me that my son is now in heaven and I should leave in the present and ready for a future.

This day is our second year anniversary as lovers and I wished that Mayu and I will be more stronger in each problems we encounters.

“Yukirin!” He said while walking towards me

“Mayu” We both kissed passionately and leave the park to have a romantic dinner

“I love you Mayu Watanabe”

“I love you too Yukirin” He said while wrap his hand around my waist and headed towards AKB48 Romance Restaurant and Hotel

Wall Clock [8:50 AM]

Jurina POV

Oh! God! Rena-chan will kill me if I am late again this time! Our class starts at exactly at 9:00 AM!

I need to prepare the things that I am needed and also the things that the Baby will use

I move in a very fast way

* Milk Bottle (check)

* Extra Clothes (check)

* Toys (check)

After checking all the things, I rushed up to garage where my motorcycle awaits me when

“Where’s the baby? Oh! Shit! I forgot him!” I rushed towards the baby who gave me a glare like Rena and he also emits a dark aura? What the—baby ?!”

“Sorry, Baby! Don’t be mad at Papa!” I smiled to him earning a cute giggle

“Okay! Let’s go Baby!”

Time Check [8:58 AM]

Wall clock of University [9:00]

Okay class! (Opens the door revealing Jurina) the Sensei only sigh for the rude gesture of Jurina and he let  Jurina to sit on his desk

“Man! You’re lucky today! You’re not late?!” Ichiro cheered while Jurina only rolled his eyes and Mayuyu smirked in Rena’s blushing cheek



*UWAH! UWAH! UWAH! [the Baby is now crying]


The whole class went silent….

“Who’s the hell bring a Child here?!!!!” Sensei shouted while the other student flinched  and Jurina raised his hand

“Matsui-san! Let’s go to the Principal’s office right now!”

Rena, Mayu and Ichiro is very worried while Jurina gave them a warming smile to assure that he will be fine

“Jurina” Rena said in a whisper

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[Wmatsui_22’s OS] Sibling | Part I

[Wmatsui_22’s OS]Sibling Part II




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Siblings (WMatsui Fan Fiction)


Character Profile:


Name: Shinoda Mariko

Birth Date: March 11th, 1986

Age: 26 years old

Personality: Smart, Charming and she likes to TROLL

Gender: Female

Height: 168 cm

Hobbies: Fashion, Dancing, and Modelling

Crush: Kojima Haruna (Nyaro/Nyan-Nyan)

Girlfriend: Minegashi Minami (Gachapin)


Name: Minegashi Minami

Birth Date: November 15, 1992

Age: 20 years old

Personality: Naughty and sometimes PERVERT (Intelligent if Serious situation)

Gender: Female

Height: 158 cm

Hobbies: Flirting and Eating a sweets

Crush: Shinoda Mariko

Girlfriend: Shinoda Mariko



It’s been a year since that incident, Jurina never return to our home


It’s been a year, I and Jun got married


It’s been a year, my heart feel empty



Rena POV





“Yes, Hon?!” Am a bit surprised  at the sudden calling of my  husband


“Juri is crying here! Can you help me?”


“Okay! I’m coming!” I rush to our dining room, I can see my husband trying to feed our


 baby Juri because Juri don’t like eating vegetables. Juri is now 3 years old and a very


 cute baby boy




“Mama!” Juri said happily


“Ohayoo! Two handsomes!” I greet them and kissed Juri on the cheeks which the baby


 smile happily. I look closely to her face and I can see the familiarity of his smile to


someone dearly to me.


“Mama, stop staring to Juri” Jun teased me while sipping his coffee


I only smiled and we start eating our breakfast food



After cleaning and washing the dishes, Jun is heading to his work. He’s a head clerk of a


famous company here in Nagoya. “Bye Rena!” Jun kissed me in the lips for only a


second and leave our house. “Take Care!” We both waved our hands. I enter our house


and Juri is now playing a guitar toy. I smiled to him. I think she likes Music.


I embrace him and he only giggled to my action. I know some people think that I am


now stable and satisfied to my status but they are wrong, I am not satisfied, the only


satisfied me is to see her again.






While walking to a never ending street, I am thinking about my and our problems. I


didn’t tell my wife, Rena that I am now jobless because I don’t want her to worry.


You will asked why I am jobless right now? It’s simple, I broke the most important rule


of our company and that is “Don’t have an affair to President’s  daughter. I felt guilty,


I love Rena so much that it hurts that Rena’s heart is belong to my sister. In which, I felt


betrayed and jealousy over come to me that I have an affair to other woman.


I hate my sister!


I hate that Rena fall in love with her!


I hate Jurina!



Somewhere Down the  Company



“Hey Kiddo!”said the taller girl and a model figure, Shinoda Mariko


“Hey Mari-neechan!” the person pretended to smile and it’s make Mariko unhappy


“Hey kiddo! Your spacing out again!” Miichan mimicked what mariko said




“Itai!” Miichan puouted


“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” the person laughed at Miichan


The two only smiled at the same time happy that Kiddo is now laughing, it’s been a long


 ago that they hear her laughing at something funny.


“Anyway, back to the business, I want to visit her for the last time before. . .  she didn’t 


Continue her words because she’s now crying and sobbing at Mariko’s shoulder.